Natasha Visnack: XC & CX

Name : Natasha Visnack

Age: 15

Type of racing : Cross Country Mountain Biking and Cyclocross

Best result –

  • 7th place CX Nationals- 2018
  • 1st  place Sea Otter XC Race- 2018

Who is your idol?My idol would probably have to be Jolanda Neff. Not only does she have unbelievable technical skills, but she is accomplishing all her countless achievements in cycling all while she attends university.

What’s one thing you always have in your jersey pocket that would surprise people? I always carry a jacket even when it’s not remotely chilly or rainy.

British Baking Show or Game of Thrones?  Definitely The Great British Baking Show.

If you could ride anywhere, with anyone, what would you do? I would ride with my idol Jolanda Neff in the Swiss Alps.

What’s the best post ride meal? Frozen yogurt with strawberries on top.

What’s your favourite podcast or playlist for a road trip? I really like TedRadio Hour.

Cheese or cake? Cake.