Choosing the finish for your custom bike should be a personal experience. The final design, and implementation of that design says more about you than words can convey when you are noting but a moving blur of motion. The finish you choose compliments you as a rider and informs those around you what is important to you.

Some people like flash, while others prefer an understated look. There is no right or wrong choice. The choice is yours and it should be celebrated as such. You give us the inspiration and we will create a variety of options for you to choose from. It could be as simple as a color, or maybe a theme, or even a place. It is whatever you want it to be. No design is applied to the bike without your approval.

Everything from paint to media blasting is on offer. Starting prices are shown within each finish option below, while multiple color options are available as well. Contact Us to create your dream machine and don’t hold back.



“STANDARD PAINT”: When creating a new bike for a customer, the topic of custom artwork enters the conversation early in the process. Some customers know exactly what they want when it comes to their artwork choices. For these customers, the end goal is clear. For other customers, the process of creating custom artwork can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many choices and directions to go in that it can all seem so dizzying.

To assist in these circumstances, we have come up with an artwork template we are calling “Standard Paint”. The medium that we use for the artwork can be cerakote, anodize, or wet paint so don’t worry that it is specifically a “wet paint” process only. The artwork template has been standardized so that you don’t have to design new artwork, but you can choose the colors you like to personalize the bike just like if you were creating a one off art design. By choosing the colors, the bike is a reflection of what is important to you and how you feel when you are with the bike. We can still add special flourishes to the artwork like some custom logos/ graphics, and we can also paint the components to compliment the artwork as well. MSRP for the Standard Paint is $1500 for frame only using cerakote. Prices for anodize and wet paint will vary as will adding in additional components.

CERAKOTE: A newer style of media for bicycle applications. Cerakote is primarily used in military grade hardware such as guns, tanks, and even rocket parts. Cerakote is extremely durable and not only offers a unique style, but also extreme scratch, wear, and even chemical resistance. Cerakote is our most durable finish and perfect for gravel, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. Single cerakote frame only color option starting at $1000 MSRP.


ANODIZE: When titanium is anodized, there are no dyes used in the process and it is very environmentally friendly – all of the colors are natural functions of the material itself which adds no weight or buildup like traditional paints and powder coat. There are a wide array of colors available from iridescent blues and purples, to greens and pinks. Often times, we will use an anodized base layer when working with cerakote for better adhesion of the cerakote to the frame. Single anodize frame only color option starting at $800 MSRP.


PAINT: One of the most common form of media applied to a bicycle frame. Paint can be custom colored to match just about anything. Not only can you paint a titanium frame, but you can color match your carbon components as well. Paint is extremely versatile and knows no bounds. Single color frame only option starting at $1300 MSRP.


BEAD BLAST: A contemporary finish that never goes out of style. Bead blasted finishes are understated in their overall look, but exude class and strength at the same time. The graphics in this finish are the natural finish of the titanium tubing. They have been masked over so that the raw look of the metal still comes through. Bead Blast Finish with Masked Graphics frame only starting at $475.