Choose Velofix for your professional delivery service and your Sage will be delivered to your door built and ready to ride from the get go.
No Velofix option available for you? Not to worry, we will deliver your new bike directly to you. Please note: If ordering a complete bike, you will be responsible for installing handlebars, seatpost, and front wheel. We recommend you take it to your preferred dealer for a final check before you test ride your bike.
If a Sage dealer is within your area, visit that dealer to see the bikes in person, as well as learn the process of how to build your Sage. Our dealers are carefully selected to best represent our brand and you will have a great experience with them because we said so.

After purchasing a Sage and confirming Velofix as your preferred delivery method, we will contact you within 36 hours to walk you through the build and delivery process. We will confirm dates and times for your delivery to ensure that you are available to recieve your bike. Velofix will return in 30 days after the delivery to ensure everything is running smoothly as a follow up.

For international shipments please contact us directly at, and we will work with you to deliver your bike wherever you are located. Taxes and shipping rates will vary based on location.

Please see our DEALER DIRECTORY page for a complete directory of our dealers.