Designed to handle the tough muddy courses of the Pacific Northwest, the handcrafted Sage PDXCX is the ultimate cyclocross machine. Artfully crafted in the United States from 3/2.5 titanium, the PDXCX combines the classic feel of titanium with the innovation to create a fast, incredible riding machine. To meet the demands of cyclocross, the PDXCX features a 44mm head tube for better front-end stiffness and precise handling. The head tube is mated to a bi-ovalized, oversized down tube for better power transfer when accelerating out of corners. The top tube utilizes a sloping top tube design to improve stand over height and is ovalized for increased comfort while shouldering the bike. The front triangle is completed with an English threaded bottom bracket and a 31.6mm diameter seat tube.

The rear triangle of the Sage PDXCX is designed to maximize the properties of titanium while providing the stiffness of a true race machine. Adding to the rear triangle's stiffness and clean lines is the Breezer style dropouts. Designed by legendary mountain bike pioneer Joe Breeze, the Breezer dropouts provide a larger surface area for the chain and seat stays to attach. The result is a stronger junction resulting in better power transfer. For increased braking performance, the non-drive side is reinforced with a bridge between the chain and seat stays.