Year in and year out, we ride, test, and see plenty of bikes on the road. And whether it’s a road, cyclocross or gravel bike, titanium remains as much a popular and reasonable frame material to consider as any other.  How do we know?  Because the Wall Street Journal says so!

“Titanium has become the last refuge of artisans in an industry dominated by international brands that source the vast majority of carbon frames from factories in China or Taiwan.”  The Wall Street Journal, 3.2.19

Artisans aside, we’ve been riding titanium bikes of every variety for years and have not only seen firsthand how they’ve evolved, but who they endure. For titanium frame designer Dave Rosen, having an endorsement from The WSJ certainly qualifies as a marketing assist that you can only be thankful for. Rosen started his Sage Titaniumbrand back in 2013 and has been pumping out a succession of interesting models, the most recent seen at the Sea Otter Classic where we caught up with him before he traveled down south to compete in the Belgian Waffle Ride.

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