The Outdoor Retailer trade show is the biggest event in the outdoor industry’s calendar. It’s where brands, buyers, and outdoor media get together to look over what’s new and notable in next year’s product line ups. Here at Sage, we love to camp (in fact Anna and Jacob, both Sage riders, are camping and competing in the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder right now). We figured we’d select our top five picks from the show that might be of interest to Sage owners and aspiring Sage owners alike.

Rab Mythic Ultra Sleeping Bag – Just like us, British camping brand Rab love titanium. Unlike us, they don’t make bikes. What they have done is used titanium in the lining fabric of their new sleeping bags to make them incredibly warm for their size. What does this mean for you? Well anyone who has bikepacked extensively on a drop bar bike knows that volume of storage is a real issue. A warmer bag that packs down smaller means you might need fewer insulating layers, and will have a bit more space for a tent instead of a tarp, or just an extra bottle of whiskey! Rab call this tech Thermo Ionic Lining Technology and it should allow you to sleep at 20 degree sin a 14oz bag! 

Hydroflask Trail Series – more titanium! This time, it’s Hydroflask who have shaved a whopping 35 percent off the weight of their 21oz bottle. In the hot Oregon summer, we love a cold drink (and in the cold Oregon winter we love a hot tea), the Hydro Flask signature insulation remains on the trail series, keeping your drinks cold or hot for ours on the trail. This new lightweight model should be easier to carry, meaning you’ll hydrate more and perform better, and now it matches your bike! 

Knog PWR series – if you commute by bike, you’ll know the frustration of having to charge a power brick,light, music player and possibly your bike’s shifting. Knog seem to be  company run by people who actually ride, because they have created a solution to all your problems. The PWR series comes in various specs, from Trail to Commuter, and can provide lighting, a battery pack,a lantern,  a flashlight, a speaker, and a red light. The lights can be programmed and used on the helmet or the bars. Charging one light instead of three things reduces the risk of forgetting something and, god forbid, ending up having to drive instead! 

Skinnies sun gel –B- if there is one thing we don’t like about summer rides, it’s the stinging feeling of sun cream in our eyes and forgetting to re-apply mid ride and coming home looking like a lobster. Well the Kiwis behind this clever sun gel must have similar experiences. This gel takes the water out of sun cream, making for a dense gel that sits on top of, not in, you skin. A pea sized amount covers your whole face and neck, meaning you don’t have to tout a huge bottle of sun cream to stay safe from skin cancer and sunburn on your ride. What we really love is the fact that this gel doesn’t sweat off, lasts 7 hours, and won’t make your hands slip off the bars after you apply it. 

MSR Thru-link Filter – MSR have been at the top of the drinking water safety game for years. Not only do they make great filters for people going outdoors, they also have a global public health program that makes safe drinking water for people in resource poor settings all around the world. Thanks to this expertise, they have generated some great products, and their Thru-link is not an exception. It fits in line with your existing hydration pack and simply clips out when not in use. You might not need to filter water on every MTB ride, but having this in your pack on a big adventure ride could make the difference between getting home happy and some serious dehydration.