2019 Chris King Show Bike

2 colors were launched at the 2019 Chris King show: Matte Bourbon and Violet (aka “purple”). Just like in 2018, each builder is given a choice of which color they want to use for their show bike. No mixing and matching colors here, just pick one color and go for it. While the Matte Bourbon spoke kindly to us, it was the bold statement of the Violet colorway that really got our creative juices flowing. What could we do with this color? Where could we go with it? What kind of adventures would it take us on?

We had just debuted our prototype Storm King gravel bike about 3 months earlier at the Enve builder show. There was a lot of buzz about the bike as it seemed to be what people had been asking for: A gravel bike with the ability to go deep into the backcountry yet still dominate the race course for the exploding gravel scene. It was with that adventure mindset that we set about creating this true one of a kind work of art paint scheme.

The paint scheme for this masterpiece uses the concept of a topography map on the head tube and the fork and pushes it further with geometric shapes on the rest of the frame that really push the boundaries of multiple intersecting lines to create a map surface that is evolved beyond any normal map. We did leave the back half of the frame as exposed titanium to showcase the metal itself. Rather than leaving it in a standard brushed finish, we took the extra step of bead blasting the frame to give it the matte gray finish to contrast with the gloss paint on the front end of the bike.

The final paint scheme that you see before you took over 14 hours to paint. That is for the stem, bars, fork, and frame (and remember that is only for half the frame…). Of course, this does not include the hours spent mixing colors to come up with a variety of shades that would ultimately compliment the Violet King colorway was opposed to trying so hard to match it that we would never succeed.

Build Spec:

  • Frame: Storm King
    • Custom Paint for frame, fork, stem, and handlebars
  • Fork: Enve G-Series fork
  • Drivetrain: Shimano GRX 1X with XTR M-9001 11-40 cassette. Chris King Threadfit 24mm BB
  • Cockpit: Enve 100mm stem and 42cm Gravel flared bar. Chris King i7 headset with Violet Chris King headset spacers, Lizard Skins DSP 2.5mm Bar Tape
  • Seatpost/ Saddle: PNW Coast Dropper Post w/ 120mm drop + PNW Dropper Lever, Brooks C17 saddle with custom Violet rivets
  • Wheels: Enve G23 rims laced to King R45D hubs
    • Custom Rim Graphics package color matched to frame paint
  • Tires: Schwalbe G-One Bite 700×50, Black
  • Extras: Spur Cycle Bell with custom Violet bell, Robert Axle Project Rear Axle custom Violet colorway