This question probably ranks as the #1 question that I get on a regular basis. In today’s marketplace, the number of different bike designs and types of riding/ disciplines can be overwhelming to say the least. When navigating the floors of a local bike shop or searching out a manufacturer’s website it is easy to get lost in the marketing and hype that a brand can spin about their bikes.

When Road Bike Action reached out to me with this specific question, I was honored to be given the responsibility of defining the current marketplace as I saw it. Luckily, there are bikes for just about every possible niche you could want. Look past the hype and ask yourself: “What type of riding do I want to do?” Let that question be your guide as it relates to the question of “What Bike to buy?”

I hope this guide will help better inform your decision making process and put you on the proper bike for what you want to do.Click HERE to read the full article