Lauren Hall: Ambassador

Name : Lauren Tucker Hall

Age: 41

Type of racing : Road, track, Cyclocross, Gravel

Best result: Gent Wevelgem winner- Elite Women

Who is your idol? My Dad

What’s one thing you always have in your jersey pocket that would surprise people? Lip balm! Even when racing, heck we are out there a LONG time people! 

British Baking Show or Game of Thrones? What is Jeopardy Alex?

If you could ride anywhere, with anyone, what would you do? Any bike, anywhere that I have neat, nice people to ride with that are up for some adventures and love snacks. 

What’s the best post ride meal? It changes often. At one time is was a milkshake and a cold beer at the same time.  Other times it has been savory rice with a ton of soy sauce n eggs or French fries! I love French fries…oohhhh I love donuts too!! So many choices, I guess anything that we are hungry for and probably have been talking about for the last 3hrs….it all goes!

What’s your favourite podcast or playlist for a road trip? I love 30 for 30 podcasts.  I have always loved all sports and the stories behind the athletes.  The struggles, the fight, the heartaches and the glory of the game and winning, it’s the true reality show and I can relate to most of these stories some how. 

Cheese or cake? BOTH!!!! ALL OF IT!!! That’s why we ride, so we can enjoy all foods with friends and tell stories about the day we just had. That is what it’s all about.