2020 Powerline Show Bike

Over the course of this year, we have been playing around with various finishes and customization options so that we can provide to you a more robust offering of what can be done to customize your SAGE. To that extent, for our 2020 Powerline show bike we have stepped out in a bold new direction by using a combination of Cerakote and Anodized coatings to make a nearly indestructible finish that will survive even the harshest of mountain bike terrain.

As mountain bikes tend to take some abuse out on the trails, we knew that a traditional paint solution would eventually get scratched and the bike might not look as good after a few rides as it does now. Thus, we anodized the frame and applied cerakote over the top of it to give it a nearly indestructible finish. We even applied Cerakote to the fork, because of course your fork needs to match the frame. As a point of reference, Cerakote is used on everything from custom painted guns, to tanks, to even rocket parts. We figure if it can handle that level of abuse, then there is nothing on the trail that we will need to worry about.

When titanium is anodized, there are no dyes used in the process and it is very environmentally friendly. All of the colors are natural functions of the material itself which adds no weight or buildup like traditional paints and powder coat. There are a wide variety of colors available from iridescent blues, purples, greens and pinks, but this particular frame was anodized gray, which is a much more functional and abrasion resistant coating than the usual colors you see on titanium. Coupled with Cerakote, we have basically created a powerhouse of a coating combination that not only offers style, but extreme scratch, wear and even chemical resistance. Not only that, the anodize is a stable base for the Cerakote to adhere to which eliminates the need for extensive prep on the frame that may otherwise create a dull lackluster appearance.

  • Build Spec:
    • Frame: Powerline
      • Custom Finish: Gray Anodize Base with Cerakote treatment layered on top (Black, Blue, White, Red colors) with a clear Cerakote Gloss finish for final protection
    • Fork: Fox Float 34, 130mm Travel, Boost Spacing
      • Custom Finish: Cerakote blue layer, matte finish, custom fork decals
    • Drivetrain: Shimano XTR M9100/ M9120 with Chris King Threadfit 24mm Slate BB
    • Cockpit: Enve M6 Bar/ Stem, Chris King i7 headset and matching headset spacer both in Slate colorway., Lizard Skins Charger Grips
    • Seatpost/ Saddle: Fox Factory Transfer Post w/ 150mm Travel, Sage Beccus 155mm Saddle
    • Wheels: Enve M630 rims laced to Industry Nine Hydra Hubs
    • Tires: IRC Tanken: 29×2.6″ Front, 29×2.3″ Rear
    • Pedals: Shimano XTR M9100