Purple is my color

At SAGE we have clients that contact us needing quite a bit of help in getting their dream ride perfect, and others that know exactly what they want and look to us for assistance with the finer details of a custom build.

Our client for this race ready Skyline is a very technical guy who did his research homework down to every last component. Some of those highlights include: a titanium crank from Cane Creek Cycling Components, a mechanical Shimano Ultegra component group set, and an Enve cockpit and wheelset. The goal being to create a ride that can go fast and far with performance comfort on 30mm tires and the inspiring confidence of disc brakes for hard breaking on fast descents.

This rider has had a relationship with the color purple since wearing a special all purple shirt from his mom in elementary school and has been attracted to the color ever since. Working from an initial sketch from the client, a partnership was formed with our design team evolving a color direction through multiple iterations until we reached a stealth but loud final solution.

The last step was looking at color application processes, since this bike will see some gravel roads paint durability was very important. SAGE has been using a media called Cerakote for some time because of its high abrasion and rock chip durability, making it a perfect choice for the black head tube area.  But the unique elegance comes from the purple spot anodizing on the frame seat post, bottle cages and logos which is a new process SAGE is beginning to offer.  The unique aesthetic of these combined media processes is that it looks different from every viewing angle and truly a one of a kind creation.

Typically, we ship our finished bikes to their new owners around the world, but this client drove 1000 miles to meet the SAGE CEO and go on the bikes first ride. All the while learning the background stories of the bikes creation and building friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Build Spec:
    • Frame: Custom build Skyline
      • Custom Finish: Purple Anodize and Black Cerakote combo w/ brushed finish for exposed titanium
    • Fork: Enve 2.0 Road Disc
      • Custom Finish: Wet paint application. Black is color matte finish color matched to the black Cerakote, while the Enve logo is color matched to the anodized purple of the King parts
    • Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra R8020 Hydro drivetrain w/ Cane Creek eeWings All Road Cranks/ Cane Creek Spider/ Praxis Levatime Chainrings 50/34, Chris King T47 30X BB Purple
    • Cockpit: Enve Compact Road Handlebar and Stem, Chris King i8 Headset & Headset Spacer Kit Purple, Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Galaxy Bar Tape
      • Custom Finish: Bar and stem painted matte black and color matched to black Cerakote on frame with Enve logos color matched to the headset and headset spacer kit color purple. Titanium bolts in the stem are also Cerakoted black to match the frame.
    • Seatpost/ Seatpost Collar/ Saddle: Sage Titanium 0mm Offset post, Sage Titanium Seatpost Collar, Fabric Scoop Saddle with titanium rails
      • Custom Finish: Seatpost is anodized purple with a black Cerakote SAGE Owl placed on the front of the post rather than in the traditional spot on the seat tube. Additionally, the main seatpost bolt is anodized purple as well. The Seatpost collar is Cerakoted black with the SAGE logo anodized purple within it. Lastly, the binder bolt on the seatpost collar has also been Cerakoted black as well.
    • Wheels/ Tires: Enve SES 4.5AR wheels laced to Chris King R45D purple hubs. Tires are IRC Formula Pro X-Guard 700×28
    • Extras:
      • Rear Axle: Robert Axle Project Thru-Axle limited edition purple specifically for Chris King hubs
      • Silca Titanium bottle cages anodized purple
      • Enve Computer mount