When the fine folks at Singletracks.com got a chance to review our Powerline trail bike a few months back, we were of course worried that they might not like it. That it might not stack up to their expectations of what a trail bike should be. After all, this is what they do for a living. They review bikes and pass those unbiased opinions along to their readers and followers. It helps to create an educated consumer base who know exactly what they want as they trust the source of the review.

To say we were blown away by how much they liked the Powerline was a bit of an understatement. In case you missed it the first time, you can read the review HERE. With that in mind, Singletracks.com just released their 2020 Best Mountain Bikes of the year list and we could not be more proud of the fact that the Powerline was included in a list that includes some real heavy hitters.

Check out the list here and see why Singletracks.com thinks the Sage Powerline is one of the best Mountain Bikes of 2020. Click HERE to read the article.