Maxx Chance: An Introduction

Meet Maxx Chance. Maxx is a multi disciplined professional cyclist and all-around good guy. For 2021 and beyond, Maxx will be racing his Sage Titanium Storm King for gravel events, and his Sage Titanium Powerline for MTB events. Check out the video below to learn a bit more about Maxx and hear him in his own words.

“For 2021 and beyond, I am looking forward to exploring new areas of cycling and having more fun on the bike. While I am excited to scratch that competitive itch, I am also very eager to start some new projects and adventures beyond the tape. Of course I will be gunning for a new tattoo at the Single Speed World Championships again (Editor’s Note- The winner of each of the Men’s and Women’s races receives a tattoo as their “trophy” for their win). More than anything else, I am just excited to ride some beautiful bikes in some beautiful places.”- Maxx Chance

We always like to ask our athletes a few questions about themselves. Here are Maxx’s answers:

  1. Age: 24
  2. Type of Racing: Almost anything off-road
  3. Best Result: 2019 Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion 
  4. One thing you always have in your jersey pocket that would surprise people: I ride in T-shits these days, but I think with the right attitude you always are well prepared for anything
  5. Favorite TV show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  6. If you could ride anywhere, with anyone, what would you do? I’d want to ride with my buddies on the moon, how cool would that be. Imagine the air you could get and the low gravity tricks.
  7. Best post ride meal. What ever is the fastest and most accessible. Or pizza
  8. Favorite podcast or playlist for a long trip. Radio Lab, but now that Robert is gone I’m on an audiobook kick.
  9. Cheese or cake. Cheese is overrated, CAKE!