When we first learned of the new XPLR groupset from SRAM and all that it would entail, It seemed like the perfect time to to move forward with someone we had been playing around with already: A suspension specific Storm King. We have known for quite some time that gravel races were getting more technically demanding with each passing year, so new technology that would rise to the challenge would be the perfect compliment to exploding gravel scene was just what the doctor ordered.

With that, we were given access to one of the first all new SRAM XPLR Red groupsets so that we could begin work on our new Storm King variant: The “GP”. Of course, we had to let our good friends at Road Bike Action swing a leg over the bike for a proper review of the bike and the groupset. They were kind enough to oblige us with this amazing video review of the groupset and review of the all new Storm King GP itself.