The Burple Barlow

Wet Paint allows a greater flexibility in terms of color choice than does Cerakote. You can custom mix colors to come up with some truly unique options. Wet paint for automotive has been around as nearly as long as the car itself. Thus, when it was adapted to bicycles, it was a perfect match for protecting the frame itself as well as giving it a bit of “pizazz” to liven things up.

When a client comes to us with a specific idea in mind, we do our absolute best to make that dream become a reality. While we do love Cerakote and all of the benefits it can offer, the reality is that the color palette is a bit more limited than wet paint and sometimes it is just not what the client had in mind. Case in point: The Burple Barlow.

For this particular Barlow, our client wanted something that was subtle yet striking. He specifically requested the only logos to be on the bike were the SAGE downtube logo and the Made In USA logo. Nothing else. Of course our headbadge goes on all of the bikes that we produce (no exceptions) and since that uses the SAGE logo as well, it seemed to blend just fine with the initial request of the downtube logo only.

For the finish of the frame, the request was made for the color “Burple”. It is not blue and it is not purple. It is “Burple” and it is produced by the House of Kolor. The color itself is quite a rich color when viewed in person. In the sunlight, there is a sparkle to it that is not readily apparent until it is viewed in the sunlight. It is instantaneously recognizable in a crowded field due to the richness of the color, yet it never feels “loud”. It is frankly quite beautiful when seen in person.

When we have bikes of this caliber come through the shop, we like to ask our client a few questions like why they chose a Sage bike and what the bike means to them. Thus, without further ado, let’s hear from the client himself:

  1. What is the inspiration for the paint scheme?
    1. “From the outset I wanted a paint scheme that was subtle, understated, but simultaneously eye-catching too. Something that would prompt a conversation with other keen cyclists out on the trail and pay strong homage to the bike’s US lineage.”
  2. What is your personal connection to that paint scheme?
    1. “My research led me to the House of Kolor website, an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of rich and vibrant colours which evoke the fine artistry of custom Hot-Rod cars. Once I saw this colour palette, I knew that this was a must-have for me. The choice of the deep, luxurious Burple colour was motivated by the desire to match the gold aesthetic you see in the photographs, and the carbon black of the Enve componentry. In all honestly it was a tough choice given the rich tapestry of colours available!”
  3. Why a Barlow?
    1. “I chose the Barlow because I wanted to be able to ride both on the road and the trails. I also wanted a bike that exemplified the fine craftmanship of high-end, hand-built US frame building and precision engineered bike componentry. The fine welds of the Sage frame, the Chris King and Enve componentry, the House of Kolors paintwork, the only two logos on the frame ‘Sage’ and ‘Made in USA’, all I hope speak to this. I believe it is a bike that captivates the discerning eye. The strong reviews of the Barlow in the industry press and the fact that Sage is less well known in the UK, were deciding factors also. The considerable care, time and attention that David invested over the duration of the design and build have only reinforced my choice of bike and manufacturer.”
  4. What are your passions that connect you to the bike?
    1. “I have been riding a US hand built (Merlin) titanium frame for 25 years, and although bike design and technology has moved on considerably, the bike has a timeless aesthetic and a ride quality that is hard to beat. Following the pandemic I wanted to purchase a gravel bike, being ‘old skool’ it had to be titanium, with the added consideration that it be hand built in the USA. Some research led me to the Sage website. The irresistible draw of an image of a custom-polished Barlow gravel bike sparked an email exchange with Sage owner David Rosen. Further conversations with David led to the design that you see on the website today. I am greatly looking forward to riding the bike and in my own small way being an ambassador for the brand in the UK.”
  • Build Spec:
    • Frame: Barlow with Burple and Gold wet paint finish
    • Fork: Enve All-Road fork with Burple finish (no logos)
    • Headset/ BB: Chris King Inset 8 Headset/ Headset Spacer/ T47 24X BB: Gold
    • Cockpit: Enve Carbon Stem/ Enve Carbon Bar/ Enve Carbon Seat Post/ Selle Italia Flite Gravel Saddle
    • Drivetrain: Shimano Dura-Ace R9270/ R9250 Di2 Drivetrain
    • Wheelset: Enve 3.4AR Wheels with Chris King R45D Hubs: Gold and custom Enve wheel decals, Schwalbe G-One Speed 700×35 Tires
    • Bottle Cages: Silca Securo Titanium Bottle Cages custom painted Burple