Aloha, Barlow

Aloha (/əˈloʊhɑː/ə-LOH-hah, Hawaiian: [əˈlohə]) is the Hawaiian word for loveaffectionpeacecompassion and mercy, that is commonly used as a greeting.[1][2] It has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance to native Hawaiians, for whom the term is used to define a force that holds together existence. (Carrol, Bret (2000). The Routledge Historical Atlas of Religion in AmericaPsychology Press. p. 19. ISBN 9780415921312)

It could be said that the Barlow is a source of Aloha for those who ride it as it could be considered a force that holds existence together through the sheer beauty of its ride. In the case of this particular Barlow, the Aloha theme not only extends to the graphics on the frame, but the meaning of the bike itself.

The Barlow has always been a “Quiver Killer” for anyone who owns more than one bike. Its versatility has allowed the bike to do everything from crit and road racing, to fast gravel racing, and even epic adventures like the Tour Divide. There really isn’t much the bike cannot do and it boils down the setup of the bike for how it will tackle those adventures.

The unique feature of this particular Barlow is the drivetrain selection. Starting off with the Cane Creek eeWings titanium crankset with Praxis direct mount chainring, the bike has a very clean look thanks to the lack of a front derailleur. Out back is a SRAM Eagle XX Transmission rear derailluer and 10-52 cassette to ensure no obstacles will stand in the way of this Barlow.

While the transmission is geared towards the steep climbs, the IRC Boken Plus 700×38 tires are fast rolling on the pavement but don’t shy away from the dirt either. Astral Wanderlust Carbon wheels keep things moving along nicely as well. An Enve cockpit and All-Road fork round out the build with a Specialized Power Mirror Pro (it’s 3D printed web technology) perched on top of the bike.

As the name of the bike implies, this bike is Aloha. It holds it all together when the world seems like it needs a hand. When we do a profile of a bike like this, we like to get the thoughts and words from the actual owner of the bike as it is their passion that brings the bike to reality.

  • What made you want to go with a Barlow and why Sage?
    I was looking for a bike that would fit my style of riding roads, logging roads, and rail trails with some combination of these happening on almost all of my rides. The Barlow’s geometry, tire clearance, and over specs fit what I was looking for better than anything else I found. After reading some positive reviews and seeing some stunning examples of Sage’s work I called Dave to chat. I love dealing with local companies and the fact I could talk to the owner of the company – with him listening intently to what I wanted – was tremendous. After I talked to Dave I was sold. His knowledge and passion shone through and I knew I’d be getting exactly what I wanted.
  • What is the inspiration for the flower design on the bike? Is there a special meaning for you?
    I lived on Oahu for a little more than three years when I was in the military and fell in love with the islands, people, and culture. It’s a truly magical place. Being back in the PNW now, it’s a little bit of aloha that I can have with me when I’m out riding. It’ll be especially useful when I’m riding over slush and all bundled up. I also wanted something that was unique – haven’t seen this kind of design on any other bike. Keeps things light, fun, and colorful – throw me a shaka if you see me out riding. 
  • What are your ride plans for the bike? Big adventures? Travel? Keeping it local?
    I’m fortunate enough to live basically right next to a 15 mile long dead end road through a gorgeous river valley, a rail trail in the mountains that could take me East across the entire state, while also being a 15 min ride away from hundreds of miles of logging and forest service roads. So there will be a lot of local riding pulling my kid in a trailer necessitating that I take advantage of all the gearing for the climbs. I convinced my wife to try a short bikepacking trip last year and may try to do that again riding out to a campground in Eastern Washington. Biggest trip planned this year is heading down to Bend to enjoy the riding there. Dream trip? Probably hopping between the different Hawaiian islands – especially exploring the Big Island and Lana`i.

Build Spec:

  • Frame: Barlow with Oil Slick Anodized finish- “Aloha” theme
  • Fork: Enve All-Road fork
  • Headset/ BB: Chris King Inset 7 Headset/ Headset Spacer/ T47 30X BB: Matte Turquoise
  • Cockpit: Enve Parts: Carbon Stem/ SES AR Bar/ Carbon Seatpost/ Gray Bar Tape, Specialized Power Mirror Pro Saddle
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Force AXS Shifters and Calipers/ SRAM XX Eagle Transmission Rear Derailleur with XX XS-1297 10-52 Cassette. Cane Creek eeWings Titanium Crankset with Praxis DM Chainring
  • Wheelset: Astral Wanderlust Carbon wheels with Astral Approach Hubs, IRC Boken Plus 700×38 Tires