The show may be over, but the media coverage will live on for the life of the internet. One thing that separate Sea Otter from other shows is that amount of media that descend on the show. There is no shortage of bike industry specific magazine and media outlets, but now, there is a proliferation of YouTube channels and social media people that can also help get the word out about your brand. The important thing is that everyone is super excited to talk “bike stuff” and check out amazing products from amazing brands.

At the Sage booth, we were lucky to get some really good coverage from the show and wanted to share it with you as a one stop place to check it all out. The coverage listed below is in no particular order as journalists, bloggers, YouTubers all came to the booth at varied times and days. They had busy schedules and they did their best to make it around to everyone they wanted to see. Thus, in the content below, you will learn about other cool products that were at the show as well, so don’t skip through the articles or videos to get to the Sage content, take it all in and check out all of the cool stuff that was there.


Sage coverage starts at the 7:21 mark
David Arthur of “Just Ride Bikes” was loving the Storm King GP and the Storm King bikes. Check out his extended interview here
Granny Gear of Old Guy and a Bike swung by the booth and we got the “Local Beauty Queen” award in his Best Metal Bikes of the show video! Not bad. He focused on the Barlow, but he loved all of the bikes.