Dennis Yadroff

Dennis lives and rides in the foggy lands at the edge of the western world near the moody Pacific coast in San Francisco. Most Saturdays he can be found  crossing the Golden Gate bridge on his Barlow to get off the beaten path on the fire roads in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais. Nothing is flat in the birthplace of mountain biking, where one typically gains 1000 vertical feet per every 10 miles of distance on average. His strength is going uphill fast and he prefers his bike in a 1x config to give him the range of gears as well as the simplicity and weight saving up front. 

Dennis races mass start gravel events occasionally on his Barlow, but the views, vibes, great company and pastries are what motivates him rather than the desire for podium steps. He works doing outside sales for a regional artisanal bakery and occasionally picks up private chef work in Hawaii. 

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Barlow