Geoff Brandenburg

I grew up in Portland…before it was cool. I have always liked playing sports but as a tall, skinny guy, I did not find my passion until I discovered bikes. I started my cycling life as a mountain biker riding local Oregon trails, but then fell hard for the lifestyle and decided to train as a mechanic thus ensuring my whole world revolved around bikes. That was 1997.

Many bikes, careers and lifetimes later, I’ve had the privilege to participate in cycling culture via many forms – racing hardtail cross country mtb’s as a youngster, riding cylcocross later in life, and now, gravel riding and racing. I have been around long enough to feel like I’ve come full circle. Riding my Storm King takes me back to cross country racing on rigid mountain bikes during the heyday of the 90’s, but now with drop bars and better tech.

Riding is such an integral part of my life and my identity. I still get excited to ride and cannot  imagine my life without cycling. I currently reside in Sacramento, CA where I still wrench, but I am always looking for the next big adventure, on and off the bike!

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Storm King
    • PDXCX