Jeff Standish

I remember talking with my buddy about getting that “forever” bike. Well I have a few of them now! I now ride my Barlow as my everyday bike. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring with fenders. Then when it stops raining, I put a nice set of wheels on and remove my fenders. This bike is so comfortable. No need for a rain bike, a road bike, and a gravel bike. I have it all in one now! I’ve done several 100+ mile days with my Barlow, including several BWR gravel extravaganza’s. It just takes me where I want to go.

I consider my Optimator to be one of the funnest MTB bikes you could possibly imagine! It’s a fantastic short track ripper, and just a blast to ride on the trails of Central, OR. I can just flick this bike where ever I want it to go. Just so responsive. It’s also a great cross country race rig. It’s taken me to the finish of several High Cascade 100 mile races over the last few years.

Why do I ride bikes? I love how it just takes me away from what ever is going on in the world. I feel like I never think about the “bad” things going on around me when I am riding. My bike allows me to test myself mentally and physically, unlike any other activity I enjoy does. It brings me together with my closest friends. It’s where we can push each other to places we never would go on our own. It’s where we can talk about our lives unlike we ever would if we were hanging out in a coffee shop. I miss riding my bike when I can’t do it for more than a day or two.

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Barlow
    • PDXCX
    • Optimator