Martin Kozicki

I am fortunate enough being in the bike industry to have ridden several models of bikes and Sage is my favorite hands down. To me a bike should feel like it is a part of you something you just kind of mold into and that is the feeling I get with my Storm King. Riding all over Southern California, a lot of our gravel are MTB trails. The Storm King is like a hard tail MTB with the ability to hit the pavement like a road bike while looking for the next piece of dirt. Our local riding never gets over 1600ft of elevation but you can still get 30 miles with 3K climbing and never be more than 6 miles as the crow flies from my place in Carlsbad CA where I start most rides.

When I get with my friends we usually hit somewhere between 60 and 70 miles and these rides are easily 80% dirt which can mean coyote trails, single track, rutted rocky 2 track, horse trails, DG, state and city dirt roads with some incredible views. I feel very lucky to live where I do and have been riding dirt for 30 years. Sage has allowed me to put a lot of trails together that used to be MTB and spread miles apart into single rides in areas a lot of people have no idea even exist. Looking forward to being part of the frontier team and meeting other likeminded Sage owners/riders.

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