Maxx Chance

Bikes can be so many things and such a sweet gateway or getaway, but if you’re here I think you probably already know that. I have ridden a lot of bikes over the years, but having a metal bike that is custom-built for me and designed for exactly what I am looking for is hard to beat. And if you know me, you know that I am notoriously hard on my gear.

Having a bike that I can trust to take out on the big adventures and not worry about just elevates everything. Currently, I have a Storm King GP and a Powerline. I love the GP for a do-everything all-around bike that suits my preference for both big rides and adventurous drop bar single-track ripping. I raced the Unbound XL on it and think that the suspension fork makes a big difference. Even if you don’t have the desire to ride for 22 hours straight, the suspension fork turns your local single track into a playground. The doors that the GP opens up are truly insane. The Powerline is the ultimate bike-packing bike in my mind. The 130 fork crushes the downhills and provides plenty of relief on long days. and having no rear shock enables you to bring more stuff with you, and keep it inside the frame and off your back. Game changer.

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Storm King GP
    • Powerline
    • PDXCX