Neil Green

Road and Gravel…that’s where you’ll find Neil riding his Sage Barlow, oh and also in his garage on Zwift.  Riding bikes has always been a part of Neil’s life.  He still remembers the moment his mom let him go down their driveway without training wheels and the rush of confidence and independence he felt.  Neil resides east of Portland Oregon on the west end of the Columbia River Gorge.  “East County is the hidden gem of riding in Oregon.  There’s every type of riding out here from my front door.  Road, gravel, hills, flats and wind. Lots and lots of wind.”

Why do you like riding bikes? 

“Riding a bike means a lot of different things to different people and it’s not always a simple answer when asked why do I like to ride my bike.  I guess, I just like the way riding a bike makes me feel.  Sometimes I want it to be challenging and hard, but other times I just want to meet my friends for coffee ride and catch up on life.”

What do you like most about riding your Sage Barlow? 

“It doesn’t make my back hurt.  I know that sounds weird, especially in the bicycle arms race happening today with lighter, faster and stiffer bikes, but I’ve suffered from back problems for years and every bike I’ve ridden, even with proper bike fits, has always caused lower back pain.  It took about a week of riding my Barlow, before I realized something was missing.  That something, was the fatigue and pain I always had in my back, when riding longer than an hour or so.  I’ve always heard that Titanium is a different “ride” but didn’t really believe it.  It’s completely changed my riding for the better.  I feel like a kid who’s discovered his first bicycle again.”

Do you have any big rides / races planned for 2023?

Nope…well nothing on the calendar as of now.  I’ll probably come up with something though.  I usually try to put tougher some sort of weird bike ride to challenge myself.  We have such a great cycling community in Portland that I don’t have to look very far to find something cool.  Stay tuned…

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