Quoc Vo

I got my Sage Barlow in 2021 a little more than a year after my near death cycling accident. I needed a different kind of bike then to accommodate my injuries. The Barlow was the perfect ride, suitable for all types of roads and the titanium frame made it very comfortable. Nowadays, I use my Barlow to ride pretty much everywhere. I ride to work or on the local trails on the weekends. I’ve used my Sage Barlow for the Belgian Waffle Ride (wafer version), climbing Glendora Ridge Road, cruising canal paths in Arizona, touring San Francisco bay paths…in short I can pretty much ride anywhere with my Barlow. 

My favorite ride so far has been the Descender bike club annual Monster Climb trip. This was three days of riding or rather climbing around the hills outside of L.A. In three days, my Sage helped me climb over 17,000 ft along some of the very same roads of the Tour of California. These rides definitely pushed me to the limit of what I can do on a bike and I was glad I had my Sage.

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