Sonja Ebert

In what feels more and more like a previous lifetime ago, having the opportunity to play basketball through the college ranks became the vehicle that allowed me to be a part of a team and family, gave me a purpose for where I could strive to excel and get the competitive juices flowing, helped me to live a fit and active lifestyle, and provided globe-trotting experiences that spanned as far as Australia.  Much to my surprise, the simple act of buying a pair of cycling shoes later in life – just to see if I would enjoy the sport of cycling – has become the literal vehicle that now fills my cup in all the ways that basketball ever did.

We all know the magic formula in cycling is “N+1” with results that my garage can attest to, but if I had to narrow it down to the bikes that have brought me the most joy and fondest memories, I’d have to start with my Sage Barlow – aka “the fun bike”.  I mean really, how can you not have a blast on a bike that is bedazzled with all sorts of attention-getting neon purple accents and accessories?!  My other pick would be my Sage PDXCX, nicknamed “BigRed” – definitely doesn’t take rocket science to figure out where that name comes from!  The Barlow has taken me the farthest (so far!) – to Victoria, BC for the inaugural 2023 BWR – and has allowed me to push myself to the limits both physically and mentally.  I’ve climbed to dizzying heights, navigated single track paths littered with roots and rocks (and trail bridges!), and handled fast-flying gravel descents with confidence knowing that the bike will always be capable of doing way more than what I could ever throw at it.  What I’m looking forward to the most is seeing where in the world “the fun bike” will take me to next!  “BigRed” is the newest edition to the family, and even though I’ve only had one season for us to get acquainted, there is no doubt THIS is the bike that will be there for me in ALL conditions and be the tool to get me to the top step of the podium during cyclocross season.  Racing gravel and cyclocross on both Sage bikes is what most reminds me of what I loved about basketball:  I get to be around a great group of people, teammates, friends, and competitors who push me to do my best, cheer me on as I get out of my comfort zone, and are there to make lasting memories with all year round.  

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Barlow
    • PDXCX