Originally published on August 17, 2015 in Bicycling.com

“Whoa, that bike looks like a rocket.”

I’d been riding the Sage Skyline since March, and five months later, the titanium road bike was still turning heads in my hometown. This time, it was a video assistant shooting a training series I was filming for Michelob Ultra. I figured the cool, silvery frame would fit the video’s vibe, and I was right. The assistant added, “It must be fast—and expensive.”

Yes, the Sage is fast—more on that in a bit—and it is expensive, at least this particular test model. The 3/2.5 titanium frame—designed in Portland and hand-built in Tennessee—is decked out with SRAM Red 22, an FSA K-Force cockpit, Enve fork, Chris King headset, and Mavic Ksyrium SLR wheels. But Sage’s new build program lets you dial that cost down. On the company’s new website, you start with the mid-priced $4,600 build, then go up or down based on your parts selection. You can also dial in sizing for parts (stem length, crank length, etc.). The site calculates your changes as you go, so you can see real-time pricing and claimed weight with every adjustment.

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