“There is a discernible push-back against the disposable nature of consumption. It may stem from a societal fatigue caused by ‘fast fashion’ or obsolete iPhones and Fitbits collecting in desk drawers – an expensive display of the FOMO we face in our consumption-driven culture. Minimalism, essential consumption and an appreciation for long-term ownership of a product are the undercurrents directing this sentiment. Look no further than the white-hot market for vintage wrist-watches to see the passion that people have for owning something that has stood the test of time. Similar interest can be found in hand-made kitchen knives and crafted office furniture. The romance of a sharp blade, a trusty instrument of time and a humbly crafted oak desk are in danger of becoming a trope, if only for the conspicuous displays on social media, but the intention behind the consumption resonates. And it isn’t necessarily a comment on spending habits. People are willing to spend the money – but there is more of an expectation for durability and a long useful-life of the product.”

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