We have always known that the Flow Motion was a super fun, playful bike. It was designed after all with flow trails, jumps, berms, and turns in mind. It was even named after one of our all time favorite flow trails in Sandy, Oregon. As such, it was no surprise when we got the final review from Hardtail Party that he came to the same conclusion as us: This bike likes to have FUN!

First up, we have the actual “un-boxing” video for when Hardtail Party first got the bike in hand. Here, the build spec is gone over in detail and close up shots of the bike are shown to show the amazing craftsmanship that goes into the building of the frame itself.

Next up is the actual video review of the bike itself. Here, the Flow Motion gets put through its paces on the rough trails around Utah. The views are fantastic and here it is where you see why Hardtail Party thought the bike was so playful.

If you the type of riding you do is the fun, playful, poppy kind of riding, then the Flow Motion is right for you. We also offer full custom Flow Motion designs that can have the geometry or spec catered to your specific riding style. It’s all about the Flow….