When the conversations with Bikepacking.com started up about reviewing a Storm King, the topic turned to “How can we push this bike really hard?”. The intrepid author, Jess Daddio, asked if she could test the bike for 1000 miles. That would give her a solid basis to write her review on. We said “ABSOLUTELY!” and off she went.

With the added element of Covid-19 lockdowns, the event calendar dried up pretty quickly for 2020. As such, Jess had to get creative with her adventures and since travel was not really in the plans any longer, she took to exploring her home state of Virginia and its surrounding areas as an alternative to a racing calendar.

As Bikepacking.com opens their review of the Storm King, you are given the baseline for how Jess approached this: “Jess Daddio became “competition curious” last year and decided to hang up her steel rig and try out the fast-and-light Sage Storm King, a versatile titanium drop-bar machine that can clear 2.4″ tires. After putting well over 1,000 miles on it this summer, bikepacking, gravel grinding, and even trail riding, Jess reports back with a full review…

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