The plan for Josh at The Radavist was to ride our Powerline hardtail in different events all around the country. Everything from endurance MTB races to multi day trips/ excursions with friends and family, with some shorter XC and Short Track racing thrown in for good measure. That was at the beginning of 2020 when the year looked full of promise. Well… we know how 2020 turned out and that everything was turned off. As such Josh, had to make some changes.

Instead of traveling around the country, exploring the terrain of his home state Arizona became the focus. Instead of group rides and races, the ride plans now became solo adventures. What did remain constant, was the intent to test and fully throw himself into the Powerline to get the best experience possible out of it.

Josh goes into great detail about the parts spec, the build quality, and of course the ride quality. The versatility he experienced during his time with the bike is exactly what we have come to know and love about the Powerline. Read the review below and see why Josh fell in love with the Powerline.

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