When JOM from Gravel Cyclist agreed to review our new Barlow V2 model, we were honored to say the least. JOM has quickly gathered a large fan base thanks to his in depth reviews where he really puts a bike through its paces. In this case, JOM certainly did just that! Ridden extensively through Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Washington D.C., including major fun times in beautiful Loudoun County, Virginia, the Barlow was able to sample some of the best gravel roads the Southeast Coast of the US has to offer.

Along the way, JOM really got into the nuances of the Barlow. Everything from fast road riding to all different types of gravel (dry and wet) to grass and everything in between, JOM put the Barlow through its paces. In the end, we think it is fair to say he fell in love with the Barlow. Check out his amazing video review below to see and hear why he loved it so much

Also, check out the Gravel Cyclist page as well for the Barlow review in written form as well.

Click HERE to read the Review on GravelCyclist.com