“The abundance of metal on a group gravel ride early this spring stunned me. Between a steel All City and titanium frames from Litespeed, Lynskey and Dean, we outnumbered the carbon cohort by about three to one. Maybe it’s just among the friends I ride with, but I’ve observed a growing acknowledgement that metal may be the best frame material for exploring the wide swath of adventure between pavement and singletrack. It’s durable and beautiful, and titanium, specifically, has a distinct ride feel that’s both damping and lively, which matches perfectly with surfaces that are sometimes rough and sometimes buffed.”

Those are the opening words from Tyler Cohen from Mountain Flyer Magazine. WE could not agree more that titanium bikes and gravel riding are the best way to experience gravel adventures. Tyler was able to spend a few months aboard our Storm King gravel bike and had some pretty positive experiences that he wanted to share with everyone. Of course, we wanted to make sure we shared that experience with you.

You can read about Tyler’s Storm King Review HERE