Blister is one of those media outlets where people trust the reviews. They are honest, detailed and straight to the point. When given the opportunity, they will call out a product if it deserves to be called out. Good or bad. It was with that knowledge that we were both excited and nervous to hand over our brand new Flow Motion hardtail. It had been redesigned for 2022 and while we knew how much fun it could be, were we the only ones who thought that?

It was with that feeling that we were beyond happy with the review when it finally arrived. The detailed analysis of the ride characteristics of the bike are perfectly conveyed here in the review. The nuances of the bike are explained well and the understanding of how the bike is meant to be ridden all comes through quite clearly here. It is worth the read for sure. Check it out for yourself below.

Photo Credit: @blisterreview

Click HERE to read Blister’s take on the all new Flow Motion