Back in 2019, Mountain Bike Action reviewed our first hardtail mountain bike- the Flow Motion. The conversation in the beginning was something along the lines of: “Hardtail? Yeah, we have some FS bikes we want to ride but we will give your bike a shot.” Not exactly confidence inspiring, but at least they were willing to give us a shot. The end result of that review was “The Sage Flow Motion will give you bragging rights, especially when you line up with your bros on their 150mm trail bikes and beat them both up and down the hill!” Clearly we made an impression on them with that first bike.

We don’t just update bikes because it is that time of year or because there is a product cycle we have to follow. We update our bikes because there is a change that we want to see in the bike. Not necessarily what the market dictates. In that regard, we felt that the Flow Motion was time for an update. 29″ wheels and a longer/ slacker front end meant the bike could truly crush every steep rock chute and jump in its path. The bike was a lot of fun before, but this new iteration became a Beast that begged to be pushed hard.

As such, we figured we could send the bike to Mountain Bike Action once more to see what they thought of the updates we had made. Sure enough, they pushed the bike hard and came away impressed. So impressed that it was featured in their 2023 January Buyer’s Guide. Check out the full review below to see why Mountain Bike Action loves the new Flow Motion.

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