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Anna Grace Christiansen: Gravel, Road, Skate Skiing

Name : Anna Grace Christiansen Age: 33 Type of racing : Gravel, Road, Skate Skiing Recent result – 2019 1st place Gorge Gravel Grinder Open Women 5th place Belgian Waffle Ride Women Overall 2nd place Skull 120 Elite Women 8th place Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder- Day 1 Explorer Women 2018 2nd place Rouge Roubaix- 2018 […]

Kate’s Training Blog: Tips for Travelling

Traveling to race is an unforgettable experience. It’s hard to beat the opportunity to explore a new place, race cyclocross, and compete against a different crop of riders. Still, the travel will impact your routine, and it’s better to be prepared. Many of us have our local pre-race routine dialed. Starting several days before the […]

Kate’s Training Blog: In Season Training

Cyclocross racing completely drains my body. The effort alone is enough that I struggle walking up stairs the following day. Once you combine the actual race intensity with pre-riding, warming up, cooling down, cleaning equipment, traveling, and hanging outside all day, and my body needs some serious recovery. As the season gets underway, we all […]