Barlow Titanium Gravel Bike


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A study in refined ruggedness—this is one bike to rule them all. Named for the road that brought pioneers over the Cascade Mountains on the final leg of the Oregon Trail, the Barlow is built for epic adventures. It draws on the aggressive geometry and precise handling of our award-winning Skyline road bike, while also maintaining the comfort and toughness of an off-road machine. Some might label this design “adventure rider,” “gravel racer,” or “endurance road,” but Sage Titanium’s versatile frame transcends those conventional categories. No, the Barlow relishes the rigors of the dirt while begging for the speed of the road. It loads up for a tour and can handle the long haul. It does not compromise, and it flashes with the class of titanium. It does it all.

A machined-titanium yoke enhances the drive-side chainstay and defines the Barlow’s versatility. The design clears 53/39 chain rings and a 40mmtire while preserving normal crank arm spacing. It’s not constrained to smaller gearing, like a cyclocross bike. It’s not limited by narrow rubber, like a road bike. It’s suited for any adventure at any speed. Additionally, the combination of an oversized head tube and bi-ovalized down tube provides a stable platform for snappy acceleration and precise, confident handling, on or off the road.

The refinement trickles down to the finer details on the Barlow. It’s packed with stealth, technical minutia that make substantial impacts. Sage Titanium’s patented Cable Clip System (US Patent No. 9,545,975) streamlines mechanical cable or electronic wire routing for an attention to detail that reconciles aesthetics and functionality. Integrated fender mounts, Bento Box Top Tube storage, and three water bottle cage mounts facilitate any extended wanderings away from civilization. Whether adventure takes you through a rotating pace line or over rugged mountain passes, the Barlow begs to ride it all in style.

  • 142 x 12mm Thru-Axle design
  • Flat Mount Disc Brake
  • T47 Bottom Bracket
  • Internally routed rear brake line
  • Bento Box/ Top Tube food storage points
  • CCS Ready (Electronic and Mechanical Drivetrain Capable)
  • Clearance for up to 40mm tires
  • Chainstay Yoke provides clearance for chainrings up to 53/39
  • Ovalized and shaped tubing for race ready performance
  • S-Bend Seatstays and a 27.2mm seatpost provide added compliance over rough terrain
  • 44mm headtube provides razor sharp precision steering
  • Stealth fender for increased weather protection

Cable Clip System (CCS)

Sage Titanium’s Cable Clip System streamlines shift routing with a touch of retro elegance. Officially recognized as US Patent No. 9,545,975, the design combines a single port under the down tube and a removable cable stop that work in harmony to sleekly route internal electronic wires or external mechanical cables. The machined-aluminum clip dovetails with the opening, guiding mechanical cables below the down tube. Ready to switch to an electronic drivetrain? There’s no upcharge for “Di2 compatibility” as the CCS seamlessly converts between mechanical and electronic systems. Removing the clip eliminates external cable stops and cleanly routes wires through the frame. The Oregon-made clasp also uses integrated barrel adjusters for fine-tunable functionality on this tiny chunk of genius.

Bi-Ovalized Down Tube

Snap. Precision. Giddy Up. All Sage bicycles are built upon these principles, and the bi-ovalized down tube is the foundation of these qualities. The oval shape provides a larger weld surface area compared to traditional round tubing. This increased contact patch better resists torsional forces at key locations on the frame. A vertical oval at the head tube junction resists twisting and yields precise steering, and a horizontal oval bonds to the bottom bracket shell, reinforcing lateral strength and preventing side-to-side movement during sharp accelerations. Mash, dive, sprint and swerve—the bi-ovalized down tube handles it all.

3/2.5 Titanium

At Sage, 3/2.5 titanium is the magic material. The smooth riding alloy blends stiffness, durability and weight for the ultimate frame tubing. Titanium has a superior strength-to-weight ratio compared with steel and aluminum, and the fatigue tolerance far surpasses the other materials. Don’t fret long rain rides or brackish water crossings—3/2.5 titanium resists rust and corrosion better than any other metal tubing.

Flat Mount Disc Brakes

Flat mount disc brakes add another level of refined elegance to the Barlow and Skyline Disc. The mounting bolts pull the caliper toward the frame, tucking it tight and secure onto the chainstay. The design eliminates tabs, removes excess bolts and results in more consistent braking with a streamlined, show-stopping look.

Sleeved Seat Tube

That clean weld on the seat tube isn’t just for looks–it’s the lynchpin of Sage’s sleeved seat tube construction. The design mimics the benefits of double-butted tubing, without succumbing to the drawback of increased stress risers. The thicker wall diameter above the weld creates a stronger junction with the seat stays and top tube, while a thinner wall diameter below shaves grams, maintaining the superior structural integrity of straight-gauge tubing.

Industrial Finish

All Sage frames have a raw finish with the titanium shinning in all its glory. But industrial brushing is not just simple with a sexy shimmer. It’s also practical. The lusty sheen can be polished and renewed time after time. While bead-blasted and high-polished titanium frames have an alternatively classy look, any cosmetic flaws must be fixed by the pros at the paint shop or titanium factory. Should the industrial finish scratch or scuff, simply grab a Scotch-Brite pad to buff out the blemishes. A little elbow grease and DIY initiative brings the bike back to life, giving the frame that polished glow like the day it first rolled onto the doorstep. Or send your frame to us, and Sage will refresh it with a full buff and new set of decals.

English Threaded Bottom Bracket

Classic and classy, the English-threaded bottom bracket reigns supreme over press-fit alternatives. The strong interface between bottom bracket cups and the frame eliminates creaks and maintains alignment that won’t slip or wobble over time. Additionally, installation, removal and service of the design are simply superior. No punching or pressing required. Just thread it, grease it, shred it. Repeat.

Oversized 44-Millimeter Head Tube

Borrowed from the mountain bike realm, the oversized 44-millimeter head tube affords phenomenal front-end stiffness and precision on the road. Press-in headset cups provide a secure interface between frame and cockpit, and the large diameter opening accepts a wide range of steerer tubes, from 1⅛-inch straight to 1⅛–1½-inch tapered and every combination between.

Barlow Chainstay Yoke

The perfect gravel bike is versatile, but it’s tough to do it all when traditional frame building techniques force a choice between bigger tires or bigger gears. Enter the Barlow’s chainstay yoke, a tweak on classic frame construction that reconciles the clearance conundrum. It’s a defining characteristic of the Barlow, and the foundation of this bike’s versatility. Located on the drive-side chainstay, the yoke allows for a 40-millimeter rear tire and 53/39 gearing all while maintaining normal Q factor and chainstay length. Don’t sacrifice. Don’t compromise. Have your wide rubber, and big gears too.

[A] Seat Tube - Center to Top48cm50cm52cm53cm56cm58cm58.5cm
[B] Top Tube Effective52.5cm53.5cm55cm56.5cm58cm59.5cm61cm
[C] Head Tube Angle72°72.25°72.5°72.5°72.5°73°73°
[D] Seat Tube Angle74.5°74°73.5°73.25°73°72.5°72.5°
[E] Stand Over74cm75.5cm77.6cm78.7cm81cm82.7cm84cm
[F] Head Tube Length10.5cm11.6cm13.8cm15.2cm17cm18.5cm21.7cm
[G] Wheelbase99cm99.4cm100.3cm101.9cm103.2cm103.9cm105.4cm
[H] Front Center57.9cm58.3cm59.1cm60.4cm61.7cm62.1cm63.6cm
[I] Chainstay Length42.2cm42.2cm42.2cm42.5cm42.5cm42.7cm42.7cm
[J] Bottom Bracket Drop73mm72mm71mm71mm69mm69mm69mm
[K] Trail65mm63mm61mm61mm58mm58mm58mm
[M] Stack53.4cm54.5cm56.5cm57.9cm59.4cm61cm63.9cm
[N] Reach37.6cm37.8cm38.3cm39.1cm39.9cm40.3cm40.9cm
[O] Axle to Crown- Fork38.2cm38.2cm38.2cm38.2cm38.2cm38.2cm38.2cm
[P] Offset- Fork47mm47mm47mm47mm47mm47mm47mm

Build Spec & Customization

  • Bike Option
    Frameset Only
    Complete Bike
  • Frame Size
  • Drivetrain Brand
  • Drivetrain- Shimano
  • Drivetrain- SRAM
  • Drivetrain- Campagnolo
  • Fork Options
  • Headset + Spacers
  • Cockpit
  • Bar Tape Brand Selection
  • Enve Bar Tape Color
  • Zipp Bar Tape Color
  • Lizard Skins Bar Tape Color
  • Saddle
  • Wheelset Rim Material Choice
  • Carbon Rims: Shimano
  • Carbon Rims: SRAM
  • Alloy Rims: Shimano
  • Alloy Rims: SRAM
Frameset Only
Complete Bike
  • Carbon Rims: Campagnolo
    Please Select Your Wheelset
    Campagnolo Shamal Carbon C21
    Enve WS SES 3.4C/ Enve Alloy Hubs
    Enve WS SES 4.5C/ Enve Alloy Hubs
  • Finish Options
  • Chris King Headset + Spacer Color
  • Cane Creek Headset + Spacer Kit Color
  • Disc Rotor Size Option
  • Handlebar Sizing
  • Stem Length
  • Seatpost Setback
  • Crank Length
  • Shimano Chainring Gearing
  • SRAM 2X Chainring Gearing
  • SRAM 1X Chainring Gearing
  • Campagnolo 2X Chainring Gearing
  • Campagnolo 1X Chainring Gearing
  • Shimano Cassette Gearing
  • SRAM 2X Cassette Gearing
  • SRAM 1X Cassette Gearing
  • Campagnolo 2X Cassette Gearing
  • Campagnolo 1X Cassette Gearing
Please Select Your Wheelset
Campagnolo Shamal Carbon C21
Enve WS SES 3.4C/ Enve Alloy Hubs
Enve WS SES 4.5C/ Enve Alloy Hubs

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Zipp Bar Tape Color


Lizard Skins Bar Tape Color


Finish Options


Chris King Headset + Spacer Color


Your Ride

Build Spec

  • Bike Option: Frameset Only
  • Frame Size: Please select a frame size
  • Drivetrain Brand: Select Your Drivetrain Brand
  • Drivetrain- Shimano: Please Select Your Drivetrain:
  • Drivetrain- SRAM: Please Select Your Drivetrain:
  • Drivetrain- Campagnolo: Please Select Your Drivetrain:
  • Fork Options: Please Select Your Fork Option
  • Headset + Spacers: Please Select Your Headset Kit Option
  • Cockpit: Please Select Your Cockpit Level
  • Bar Tape Brand Selection: Please Choose Your Brand Of Tape:
  • Enve Bar Tape Color: Please Select Your Bar Tape Color:
  • Zipp Bar Tape Color: Please Select Your Bar Tape Color:
  • Lizard Skins Bar Tape Color: Please Select Handlebar Tape Color:
  • Saddle: No Saddle
  • Wheelset Rim Material Choice: Choose Your Rim Material
  • Carbon Rims: Shimano: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Carbon Rims: SRAM: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Alloy Rims: Shimano: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Alloy Rims: SRAM: Please Select Your Wheelset


  • Carbon Rims: Campagnolo: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Finish Options: Please Select Your Finish Option
  • Chris King Headset + Spacer Color: Please Select Headset and Spacer Kit Color
  • Cane Creek Headset + Spacer Kit Color: Black
  • Disc Rotor Size Option: Front Rotor 160/ Rear Rotor 160
  • Handlebar Sizing: Please Select a Handlebar Size
  • Stem Length: Please Select a Stem Length
  • Seatpost Setback: Please Select a Seatpost Setback
  • Crank Length: Please Select a Crank Length
  • Shimano Chainring Gearing: Please Select Your Chainring Gearing
  • SRAM 2X Chainring Gearing: Please Select Your Chainring Gearing
  • SRAM 1X Chainring Gearing: Please Select Your Chainring Gearing
  • Campagnolo 2X Chainring Gearing: Please Select Your Chainring Gearing
  • Campagnolo 1X Chainring Gearing: Please Select Your Chainring Gearing
  • Shimano Cassette Gearing: Please Select Your Cassette Gearing
  • SRAM 2X Cassette Gearing:
  • SRAM 1X Cassette Gearing: Please Select Your Cassette Gearing
  • Campagnolo 2X Cassette Gearing: Please Select Your Cassette Gearing
  • Campagnolo 1X Cassette Gearing: Please Select Your Cassette Gearing