Geoff Puzon

I’ve always been up for an adventure on two wheels and spent most of my youth cycling anywhere I could go. My bicycle was a freedom machine leading me out the door to explore the world. My adventures landed me Down Under and my cycling took on a new role. From daily commuting, to weekends in the bush, my cycling adventures expanded from afternoon rides at the local MTB trails to multi-day bikepacking trips with friends and gravel races. I needed a bike that could do the lot.

My SAGE Powerline was that bike for me. I’ve loaded my Powerline for bikepacking the Munda Biddi trail through 1050 km of multiple terrain types, weather, hills, descents and been amazed at how well it handled. I’ve ridden it in the UCI SEVEN gravel race multiple times and still love how it responds going downhill at speed and works so well on the climbs. It also looks pretty darn good dirty as well as clean. I enjoy the feeling of riding it so much that I use it most days on my commute to work too.

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Powerline