Ivan Dominguez

Ivan Dominguez is an athlete who raced competitively for about 35 years. He began racing at the age of 13. His cycling career spans across the American continent, from Canada to Argentina and throughout the Caribbean and Europe. Born and raised in Habana, Cuba, Dominguez represented Cuba winning multiple Gold and Silver Medals in the Pan American Games, and has been Cuban National Champion with records still standing, and raced in the United States as a professional cyclist for 12 years and another 6 years as professional triathlete. He also had a brief intermission racing in Europe in 2009. After retiring from professional cycling, Ivan went into professional triathlon for 7 seasons, he still enjoying running and swimming but more to stay fit and healthy. 

Now riding Sage Titanium bikes, I  have found the joy of riding Gravel and MTB and of course still loving the road riding. Sage Titanium bikes are amazing, I love how soft they feel on the road and trails but at the same time very responsive bikes when it comes to put the hammer down. These bikes are so well made and they definitely look amazing. The combination of having a carbon fork mixed with a complete titanium frame is just priceless, and on top of all that they are light weight, making them the perfect weapon to drop anyone that comes to play. Overall I’m in love with these bikes.

  • Sage Titanium Bike Quiver:
    • Barlow
    • Skyline
    • Optimator