Bike Magazine: “Rest assured, this classic Ti hardtail is modern in all the right ways.”

“These days there are categories-a-plenty, but if someone says that they’re shopping for a “mountain bike”, most of us would picture what we now refer to as a ‘trail bike’. If we use that meaty chunk of the bell curve, the one most of us tend to ride in, then the Flow Motion starts to […]

Kate’s Training Blog: In Season Training

Cyclocross racing completely drains my body. The effort alone is enough that I struggle walking up stairs the following day. Once you combine the actual race intensity with pre-riding, warming up, cooling down, cleaning equipment, traveling, and hanging outside all day, and my body needs some serious recovery. As the season gets underway, we all […]

5 Adventures You Can ONLY Have on a Titanium Frame Bike

There seems to be a constant debate over the best material to build bikes with. Whether it’s titanium vs. carbon or aluminum vs. steel, each has their own benefits and disadvantages. When it comes down to it, though, titanium-framed bikes can venture places that other bicycles shouldn’t. While it’s possible to take aluminum framed and […]

CX Magazine: “The PDXCX can save you from yourself and get you out of those tight situations unscathed”

“The PDXCX certainly has its place depending on the terrain you plan to ride and race it on. The bike is not necessarily specialized—remember we all used to ride with this geometry—but as ’cross bike designs have changed and we have the chance to ride and compare, nuances and preferences are noticeable.” Read the Full […]

ROAD BIKE ACTION: “The PDXCX is Sage’s cyclocross bike designed specifically for the rigors of racing in the Pacific Northwest.”

Road Bike Action put the PDXCX through the ringer during their time with the bike and they loved it! “Sage Bicycles is one of the industry’s newer bike companies, having been founded in 2012 by David Rosen. With a direct focus on titanium, Sage has pushed to resurrect the metals of old and remind riders […]

PELOTON MAGAZINE: “The PDXCX is not just tailor made for ‘cross, its tailor made for Portland ‘cross – tight, technical and more than likely muddy, very muddy.”

“It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon is ground zero for the Northwest ‘cross scene, so any Portland based brand worth its jig better make a good ‘cross bike. Sage Titanium isn’t actually Portland based, it’s in Beaverton a few miles West of Portland…” Read the Full Review: HERE to see why Peloton Magazine thought the all […]