Inside Look at Sage Titanium

Year in and year out, we ride, test, and see plenty of bikes on the road. And whether it’s a road, cyclocross or gravel bike, titanium remains as much a popular and reasonable frame material to consider as any other.  How do we know?  Because the Wall Street Journal says so! “Titanium has become the […]

PinkBike: “I will unabashedly admit that I returned from every ride aboard the Flow Motion with a ‘slap me, I’m stupid’ smile.”

Getting the opportunity to meet someone who inspired you at a young age is an opportunity that should not be passed up. When I had the chance to sit down with Richard Cunningham from PinkBike, I knew this was one of those rare moments where I would get the chance to tell that person what […]

BermStyle: “Titanium do-it-all road machine”

The Barlow is a beautiful specimen of the titanium genre. The Gravel specific offering from Sage Titanium, the genre-defying dropbar bike is designed for the road enthusiast looking to break away from traffic. Built around a made in the USA titanium chassis, the geometry pulls from both road and cyclocross influences, resulting in do-it-all, one […]

Red Bull Media changes the game for televised sports

Riding mountain bikes is pretty fun, learning the skills and techniques required to master obstacles and seeing progress as you clean sections you had to walk last month is awesome. For many people, mountain biking is more about personal achievement than competition and, while most roadies will pin on a number and compete, most mountain […]

Once a year, the best cyclists in the world gather to ride on the worst roads in Northern France

Once a year, the best cyclists in the world gather to ride on the worst roads in Northern France. If it rains, it’s even better. If you’re not familiar with Paris- Roubaix, it seems stupid, but if you know anything about road cycling, you’ll know that the 25okm race, with is 54km of baby’s head […]