2021 Enve Builder Show Bike

It has been almost 2 years since we last attended a bike show in person, and what a long strange trip it has been. While we have missed seeing our friends within the industry, we have stayed busy with our customer base exploring new custom finish designs and continuing to improve the products we deliver […]

Means To Ascend

Means to Ascend follows Maxx Chance and Johnny Egan as they strap touring skis on their gravel bikes and attempt to summit Mount Blackmore on a 100% human-powered mission. Blackmore is a peak whose northside can be viewed from just about anywhere in the city limits of Bozeman, MT, and is a classic ski descent […]

National Bicycle Dealers Association Podcast: An Interview with David Rosen

The National Bicycle Dealers Association is an organization who uses education, research, communication, and advocacy to help promote and grow the independent bicycle dealer network in the USA. The NBDA is an advocacy group that focuses on strengthening the dealer base because as the dealer base stays strong, so does the US Cycling Marketplace. NBDA […]

First Ride: SAGE Powerline- Mountain Bike Action Magazine

Video reviews are fun to watch. They bring you in as the viewer in a way that a printed page cannot. We will always love print publications as they have a way of connecting us through our imagination and the written word, but when you have drone video footage of your bike looking spectacular against […]

Colors have Meaning

Colors are used to represent many things. Not just things that would fit their description (such as the “green grass” or the “blue sky”), but ideas and concepts that take on greater meaning and represent something bigger than just the color itself. It’s a way for people to identify with something and it can bring […]

Cycling Weekly: Barlow V2 Review- 9/10

When the opportunity came up that we could send a bike to Cycling Weekly for a review, we jumped at the chance. We knew we wanted to send something special and what better than to send one of our all new 2021 Barlow bikes with a Cerakote finish to add that extra bit of bling. […]


Getting ready for your first (or next) long-distance gravel ride? No matter if you’re gunning for the podium or trying to lay down your personal best, these 6 training tips from Sage ambassador and coach Jacob Rathe will help you train smarter and perform better. Portland-based Sage ambassador Jacob Rathe has spent the bulk of […]

King is Bling

King is Bling. Chris King components have been lusted after and desired for more than four decades. There are a variety of reasons for that. Everything from the beautiful finish on each component that can be spotted from afar, to the best in class quality of their bearings and seals. Maybe it is the manufacturing […]