Drivetrain- Shimano

    Drivetrain- SRAM

    SRAM 1X Cassette Gearing


The gun fires. The race has begun. It’s an all-out sprint to make it to the first chokepoint on the course before the inevitable bottleneck will occur. Elbows out, head down, eyes focused straight ahead, your desire is to get to the singletrack without any delay. You split riders as you sprint past them for that small place visible up the trail, and once you have gained your position the real race begins.

The Optimator was designed to be a World Cup level XC race bike. Using inspiration from the current XCO World Cup Courses that the top professionals ride, Optimator has one purpose and that is to get you to the line first. A 68° head angle combined with an 120mm travel fork will keep you on your toes as you are able to navigate the most technical sections of the course due to the agile steering. The short chainstays provide plenty of snappy acceleration when you need to bridge a gap or distance the rider behind you. When the course gets super technical, use the internally routed dropper post to get your saddle out of the way so you can attack the features in front of you.

Racing is all about making choices in the heat of the battle so that the outcome will be in your favor. Jumping a rooted/ rocky section to save a few extra seconds or picking the right lines as the course evolves over the duration of a race will help ensure a very good race at the very least. Racing on a bike designed to get you to the finish line first is the final piece of the puzzle in your quest for the race win. The Sage Titanium Optimator is your XC weapon of choice.

  • World Cup XCO inspired geometry for flat out racing
  • Geometry spec based on 120mm fork
  • Clearance for 29 x 2.4″ tires
  • 3D printed T-Type compatible dropouts
  • 3D printed custom chainstay yoke option
  • Both internal and external rear brake options available
  • Singlespeed options available
  • 1x Specific with clearance for 36-tooth chainring
  • Boost chainstay spacing for a strong, nimble ride
  • 2 Bottle mounts for your hydration needs

3/2.5 Titanium

At Sage, 3/2.5 titanium is the magic material. The smooth riding alloy blends stiffness, durability and weight for the ultimate frame tubing. Titanium has a superior strength-to-weight ratio compared with steel and aluminum, and the fatigue tolerance far surpasses the other materials. Don’t fret long rain rides or brackish water crossings—3/2.5 titanium resists rust and corrosion better than any other metal tubing.

3D Printed Options

Custom 3D printed titanium dropouts and chainstay yoke options are now available on all Sage bicycles. Our dropouts are SRAM Transmission/ T-Type compatible so your bike is future proofed whether you are riding road, gravel, or MTB. The chainstay yokes are designed for max tire clearance and minimal chain stay lengths to provide better acceleration and snap out of the corners. 3D printed parts are lighter and stronger than standard welded parts due to the unique nature of the printing and heat treating process. Our parts are specifically designed to meet the rigors and demands for performance oriented bikes.

Various Finish Options

All Sage frames come with our Blasted Finish option as a base choice. You can choose either a raw titanium finish with blasted graphics, or a blasted finish with raw graphics. The unique look of titanium metal lends itself to the finish choices listed here. No worries about decals getting scuffed or the graphics fading over time. These finish choices will be for the lifetime of the bike. We also offer Cerakote, Anodize, and Wet Paint options for those clients that want to add some color and unique finishes and touches to their bikes.

Full Internal Routing Options

Internally routed brake lines, Di2 wires, and mechanical drivetrains are now standard options on Sage frames. External brake and mechanical shift lines options are still available if requested. Please let us know in advance.

T47 Bottom Bracket

Classic and classy yet updated for the modern era, the T47 bottom bracket reigns supreme over press-fit alternatives. The strong interface between bottom bracket cups and the frame eliminates creaks and maintains alignment that won’t slip or wobble over time. Additionally, installation, removal and service of the design are simply superior. No punching or pressing required. Just thread it, grease it, shred it. Repeat.

Oversized 44-Millimeter Head Tube

Borrowed from the mountain bike realm, the oversized 44-millimeter head tube affords phenomenal front-end stiffness and precision on the road. Press-in headset cups provide a secure interface between frame and cockpit, and the large diameter opening accepts a wide range of steerer tubes, from 1⅛-inch straight to 1⅛–1½-inch tapered and every combination between.

[A] Seat Tube - Center to Top39.5cm40.5cm44.5cm47.5cm
[B] Top Tube Effective60cm61.2cm63.6cm67.2cm
[C] Head Tube Angle68°68°68°68°
[D] Seat Tube Angle71.75°71.75°71.75°71.75°
[D1] Effective Seat Tube Angle75.38°75.38°75.16°75.1°
[E] Stand Over79.7cm80.4cm82.4cm85.2cm
[F] Head Tube Length9cm9.5cm10cm13cm
[G] Wheelbase111.5cm112.6cm115cm119.2cm
[H] Front Center69.5cm70.6cm73.1cm76.8cm
[I] Chainstay Length42.5cm42.5cm42.5cm43cm
[J] Bottom Bracket Drop51mm52mm53mm54mm
[K] Trail10.12cm10.12cm10.12cm101.2cm
[M] Stack62.2cm62.7cm63.3cm66.2cm
[N] Reach41.5cm42.4cm44.7cm47.3cm
[O] Axle to Crown- Fork53.1cm53.1cm53.1cm53.1cm
[P] Offset- Fork44mm44mm44mm44mm

Build Spec & Customization

  • Bike Option
    Frame Only
    Complete Bike
  • Frame Size
  • Drivetrain Brand
  • Drivetrain- Shimano
  • Drivetrain- SRAM
  • Fork Options
  • Headset + Spacers
  • Cockpit
  • Grips
  • Saddle
  • Wheelset Rim Material Choice
  • Carbon Rims: Shimano
  • Carbon Rims: SRAM
Frame Only
Complete Bike
  • Alloy Rims: Shimano
    Please Select Your Wheelset
    Stan’s Arch MK4/ King ISO
    Astral Serpentine Alloy/ Astral Approach
  • Alloy Rims: SRAM
  • Disc Rotor Size Option
  • Finish Options
  • Chris King Headset + Spacer Color
  • Handlebar Sizing
  • Stem Length
  • Dropper Post Length
  • Crank Length
  • Chainring Gearing
  • Shimano 1X Cassette Gearing
  • SRAM 1X Cassette Gearing
Please Select Your Wheelset
Stan’s Arch MK4/ King ISO
Astral Serpentine Alloy/ Astral Approach

Finish Options


Chris King Headset + Spacer Color


Your Ride

Build Spec

  • Bike Option: Frame Only
  • Frame Size: Please select a frame size
  • Drivetrain Brand: Select Your Drivetrain Brand
  • Drivetrain- Shimano: Please Select Your Drivetrain:
  • Drivetrain- SRAM: Please Select Your Drivetrain:
  • Fork Options: Please Select Your Fork Option
  • Headset + Spacers: Please Select Your Headset Kit Option
  • Cockpit: Enve M5 Bar/ M6 Carbon Stem + Fox Factory Transfer Post/ 1X Remote
  • Grips: Please Select Your Grip Choice
  • Saddle: No Saddle
  • Wheelset Rim Material Choice: Choose Your Rim Material
  • Carbon Rims: Shimano: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Carbon Rims: SRAM: Please Select Your Wheelset


  • Alloy Rims: Shimano: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Alloy Rims: SRAM: Please Select Your Wheelset
  • Disc Rotor Size Option: Front Rotor 180/ Rear Rotor 180
  • Finish Options: Please Select Your Finish Option
  • Chris King Headset + Spacer Color: Please Select Headset and Spacer Kit Color
  • Handlebar Sizing: 760mm, +5mm Rise, 31.8mm
  • Stem Length: 40mm (Carbon)
  • Dropper Post Length: 100mm
  • Crank Length: 165mm
  • Chainring Gearing: Please Select Your Chainring Gearing:
  • Shimano 1X Cassette Gearing: Please Select Your Cassette Gearing:
  • SRAM 1X Cassette Gearing: Please Select Your Cassette Gearing: