Dennis Yadroff

Dennis lives and rides in the foggy lands at the edge of the western world near the moody Pacific coast in San Francisco. Most Saturdays he can be found  crossing the Golden Gate bridge on his Barlow to get off the beaten path on the fire roads in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais. Nothing is flat […]

Geoff Brandenburg

I grew up in Portland…before it was cool. I have always liked playing sports but as a tall, skinny guy, I did not find my passion until I discovered bikes. I started my cycling life as a mountain biker riding local Oregon trails, but then fell hard for the lifestyle and decided to train as […]

Geoff Puzon

I’ve always been up for an adventure on two wheels and spent most of my youth cycling anywhere I could go. My bicycle was a freedom machine leading me out the door to explore the world. My adventures landed me Down Under and my cycling took on a new role. From daily commuting, to weekends […]

Sonja Ebert

In what feels more and more like a previous lifetime ago, having the opportunity to play basketball through the college ranks became the vehicle that allowed me to be a part of a team and family, gave me a purpose for where I could strive to excel and get the competitive juices flowing, helped me […]

Martin Kozicki

I am fortunate enough being in the bike industry to have ridden several models of bikes and Sage is my favorite hands down. To me a bike should feel like it is a part of you something you just kind of mold into and that is the feeling I get with my Storm King. Riding […]

Jeff Standish

I remember talking with my buddy about getting that “forever” bike. Well I have a few of them now! I now ride my Barlow as my everyday bike. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring with fenders. Then when it stops raining, I put a nice set of wheels on and remove my fenders. This bike […]

John Lee

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and have always loved riding some sort of bicycle…BMX, cruisers, MTB’s, road and gravel. Bicycles mentally take me to another place.  Away from work, distractions, problems, the hustle and bustle. Sage allows me to go on amazing adventures, opens the door to meet interesting people, enables […]

Neil Green

Road and Gravel…that’s where you’ll find Neil riding his Sage Barlow, oh and also in his garage on Zwift.  Riding bikes has always been a part of Neil’s life.  He still remembers the moment his mom let him go down their driveway without training wheels and the rush of confidence and independence he felt.  Neil […]

Maxx Chance

Bikes can be so many things and such a sweet gateway or getaway, but if you’re here I think you probably already know that. I have ridden a lot of bikes over the years, but having a metal bike that is custom-built for me and designed for exactly what I am looking for is hard to […]

Mika Övermark

Hey, I’m Mika and a cycling enthusiast from Finland. I ride my Sage Storming GP bike and it’s my trusty steed that takes me on all kinds of adventures. I love this bike because it’s as tough as the Finnish people and can handle any terrain I throw at it. Speaking of terrain, I love […]